7 June 2023

Vermentino and Vernaccia

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In Portugal, il Vermentino, vine aromatic, it is known with the name of Codega. It is supposed to be native or dell’isola of Madeira or of Portugal itself, it is true that it has spread widely in Liguria, Corsica and Sardinia. In our isola one of the most popular and well known is the Vermentino of Gallura, il vine Indeed, it prefers sandy and rocky soils, typical of the area. One of the oldest manufacturers of Vermentino it's the company Capichera of Arzachena, strongly linked to the land and its traditions. This would even be demonstrated by the label, where the unmistakable Tomb of the Giants is represented Old Elbow, ancient monument characterizing the area. The pride of the company is certainly the Capichera, e Late Harvest. To be served around 8-10°. We cannot exempt ourselves from mentioning it Vernaccia, typical product of Oristano, but known throughout Sardinia. The origins of this wine are very ancient, so much so that the spontaneous origins of the vitis vinicola have been hypothesized. It is probable that white grapes were imported with Phoenician presence on the island, albeit name, comes from the Latin Local wine, vernacular. In 1327 we have the first attestation of the same, which appears in Brief of Villa di Chiesa and still preserved today in Iglesias (Church villa). Eleonora D'arborea was the first to impose that uncultivated land be used for the cultivation of the vine, which will experience a period of strong decline in cultivation in the 19th century, due to the presence of a parasite, the phylloxera, which destroyed the vines. After the war, many producers joined together in cooperatives. The wine is excellent as an aperitif, or if associated with fish courses. The Bottarga-Vernaccia combination is excellent, but you will also find the combination of Vernaccia and spicy or smoked cheeses exciting.

Claudia Zedda