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Sagra degli Agrumi 2015 –; the Groups of the Parade

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The Muravera Citrus Festival is an unmissable event that marks the beginning of the tourist season in the Sarrabus area and is an important showcase for all citrus and local productions.

The wonderful costumes, rich in colors, of preciously handmade fabrics, adorned with precious jewels made with the filigree technique, they make a show of themselves in the streets of Muravera which for the occasion will be decorated with multicolored carpets and tapestries.

The days of the festival include a large parade through the main street of the town of folk groups from all over Sardinia.

Then the Etnotraccas and the Traccas, museum wagons that reproduce the environments of agro-pastoral life of the past and the Cavalieri del Sarrabus.

In the evening, the folk groups will dance accompanied by the sound of the Launeddas, to end the day with the awards, dances and with a big party in the main square of the town.

Numerous events such as conferences will take place over the three days, exhibits, and traveling museums, tastings of typical products and musical folk shows.

And again… the Barbagia masks will parade, stands dedicated to the agro-food sector will be set up, live music and marching bands.

Per info: www.sagradegliagrumi.com

All the Groups that will parade on Sunday 12 April on the occasion of the 43rd Citrus Festival of the City of Muravera.

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