18 April 2024

Capoferrato Geological Trail

Path length: 10 Km. Height difference: 300 meters. Necessary time: 3 hours Signage: gift (forest board signs) A real geological journey in the municipality of Muravera. The most important stages in the geological history of Sardinia are described in the being set up in the Naturalistic Oasis of Capoferrato. L’;geological action begins 350 million years ago and continues...

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Magical landscapes in the heart of the Sarrabus area

by on 12 February 2015 0

The Sarrabus boasts an area rich in environmental and landscape attractions which are particularly appreciated in the protected areas such as the Parco dei Sette Fratelli and the Geo-Mining Park where the shrubs border the ancient quarries and the characteristic deposits. This is a magnificent naturalistic "ensemble"., made up of large mountainous areas and coastal areas that...

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VIDEO (Stupendous) Minderrì Trekking through woods and natural pools

by on 27 January 2015 0

Siamo a 15 minuti d’;by car from Costa Rei in the direction of San Vito (CA), the new excursion following the Muravera Trekking group starts here. A route of about 10 km through the low-medium-low Mediterranean scrub woods, with a prevalence of cistus, holm oak, juniper, strawberry tree, erica, fillirea, myrtle, where large specimens are kept,...

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