15 July 2024

Vermentino and Vernaccia

by on 6 November 2008 0

In Portugal, the Vermentino, aromatic vine, it is known with the name of Codega. It is supposed to originate either from the island of Madeira or from Portugal itself, it is true that it has spread widely in Liguria, Corsica and Sardinia. In our island one of the most appreciated and known is Vermentino di Gallura, the vine...

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Myrtle. Profumo di Sardegna

by on 5 November 2008 0

And when someone said “the country you are going to, habits you find, I guess he had myrtle in mind. If we go to observe the traditions of the different peoples, we will note that among the Greeks the myrtos symbolically represented eroticism and lust, while among the Roman people the meaning has changed considerably, so that it ended up….

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